Saturday, 23 October 2010


Inspiration… For the most part inspiration seams to come naturally for good writers, painters, poets or any one else creative. But for the majority of people who simply want to write but have nothing of their life story to write about, then inspiration is the hardest thing to come by. And isn’t it obvious with my first blog being about inspiration or my lack of it. 
The Balcony

First off, I do probably have a lot to write about that could be made in to something with writing merit, but the words just never seam to come out. I kept asking myself this while I was sitting at my computer with a blank Word document open and nothing to write, ‘Why can’t I write?’ was the normal phrase that came in to my head and after 5 minutes of looking blankly at a screen I would give up and go play my guitar.

Another place in Kranjska
Gora of pure Inspiration

But for those of you who have noticed the picture of Kranjska Gora (Slovenia) and the Julian Alps will have noticed the caption underneath that reads: "If this can't inspire me, No where can!" These were the first words said as I went on to the balcony of my hotel room, as much to the amusement of my German neighbours in the room next to me as I nearly shouted this. But it was there, a place of peace and quiet and tranquillity that made me inspired. Not initially to start a blog, that idea had been in my head for nearly two years, but to begin writing properly and to attempt to amount to something with my writing no matter the odds.

So this small, peaceful, untouched part of the world made me inspired, every night I would go to the balcony and sit and write, while rain was pouring and lightning was striking the skies, and I would be content and happy about what I had wrote and that was a first for starters.

But yet when I came home again, life went back to normal and the inspiration that I got form Slovenia was beginning to drain away, but this leads me on to my main source of inspiration.
My inspiration and the reason I am writing now is because of a film adaptation of a book that I saw a month ago. The film was Eat Pray Love, a woman’s search for everything; the whole thing spoke to me. Elizabeth Gilbert risked everything to find herself and that is what I need to do in my life, to simply find who I am.

So that is my inspiration: my search for everything and to most importantly my search for myself.

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