Sunday, 26 December 2010

Siegfried Sassoon… and a Realisation

Siegfried Sassoon was not a pacifist but an objector against the First World War, I am a complete pacifist.

So what is the similarity?

Well the understanding of Sassoon’s feelings about the war came clearer to me when I was in Tyne Cot, one of the largest war cemeteries for WW1.

I had always found that it was odd in a way that Sassoon who was a brave solider can be so angry about the war instead of constantly feeling upset about the people, friends and brothers in arms that he lost. Why was he angry?

I now know why he was angry.

Because all the lives that were lost were nearly for nothing.

I’m not saying that those men died for nothing or were nothing, I have the up most respect for those who fought and those fighting now.

But millions of men dying for a few meters of land? That seams like nothing because of how precious a life is.

So there I was in Tyne Cot, looking over all the graves and wondered why this mass slaughter was allowed to happen.

So I got angry instead of being upset.

So I understand, not completely, I don’t think I ever will, Siegfried Sassoon’s feelings about the war and why he was like that.

Millions of lives lost for a few meters of mud.

I think that we should fight for what we believe in, stand up for your rights but it should never turn to violence or killing.

I know what you think that this is: Idealistic? Not realistic? The furthest away dream for Earth?

Yes it is.

But if everyone shared the same sort of ideas we can prevent something like the World Wars happening again

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