Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dolce Far Niente

Before I start can I just express my love for the Italians.

I love everything about Italy and the people, from the amazing food, the wonderful aarchitecture, the friendly people and the beautiful language.

But what I love most is the way of life in Italy.

But I don’t live in Italy, and I wont until I learn Italian and finish school, but I am living by the Italians and most importanly one phrase:

Dolce Far Niente

Basic translation: The sweetness of nothing.

Translation to life:


During the past few weeks I have not had a day to my self and because of this I can’t foucus on anything.

And I mean ANYTHING!

So I am burned out (as the Americans call it) so I will live by the Italian I will enjoy life and not work so hard I have no time to think about anything.

So one more motto for the next few weeks!

Dolce Far Niente! Ciao!

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