Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Early Morning Walk - A Poem

Spring time, misty sky
  A girl playing with a friend newly found.
            I sit and view this scene of
   happiness, while a lamb feeds off her mothers milk.

Farmer, good man, great father,
   sees his daughter and watches her with
            concerned eyes. She rides with elegance and
grace as the horse trots down the road.

This poem was formed in my poetry group, we were given the last lines and we had to form the poem around those lines and we had about 10 minutes to write it in.

When I was writing the poem I was thinking of a country scene because of the words: milk, sky and road.

It was originally going to be a poem about someone observing a play ground scene but it formed in to a country scene that I am so familiar to.

For those who don’t know I live in Cumbria which is very rural and the other half of my life I lived in Chester, not as rural but still had a few sheep here and there. So country scenes are always something that I am exposed to and this is the very first attempt to write a country scene poem.

I am trying to write more poems about where I live because I can take all the photos in the world of where I live but I think poems express feeling beyond a photo or painting could ever do.

So that can be my challenge to write another poem about the country.

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