Wednesday, 8 June 2011

For Utada Hikaru, Thank You - A Poem

In a language far too foreign,
            you speak more clearly than anyone.

Your words inspire me
            to Write, to Dream, to Love.

So may truths behind your words,
            They lift me up

I decode your words as
       they decode my life.

With a few simple words
      (that help me let go)

Jibu no utsukushisa mada shiranai no
            But it’s only love

For those who don’t know me I love Japan and Japanese culture and half a year ago I asked on a forum for Japanese female singers and one person suggested Utada Hikaru more specifically her song ‘Beautiful World’.

Once I listed to it once I fell in love with the song and indecently her music.

Even though ‘Beautiful World’ is in a totally different language and I have to google the lyrics just to remotely understand them; Utada Hikaru’s lyrics are more true to me than any other artist.

‘Jibu no utsukushisa mada shiranai no’ means ‘you don’t even know how beautiful you are’

A lyric that every one can relate to, even in the smallest way.

Not to go in to too much detail but I wrote this poem sat alone in the morning on a Thursday and I didn’t feel to great about who I am or what I looked like or basically anything about me.

So I decided to turn on my iPod put it on shuffle and just listen to forget everything. And as you guessed ‘Beautiful World’ came on.

Once the lyric was sung I was happy again.

I remembered that I am beautiful and creative and all the special talent I was born with made me special.

So this is why this poem is for Utada Hikaru because I owe her for that lyric.

Thank you Utada Hikaru, for everything.

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