Thursday, 28 July 2011

Love Story Introduction


It is the most beautiful yet painful emotion we will ever feel. It lifts us up yet can shoot us down. It can solve all obstacles yet can fall at the final hurdle. It can last forever or last just days.

Love is the one thing I believe in above all others; without love we are nothing, with love we can be everything.

We try to strive for love and happiness above all other things in life. Personally I think that is you love then happiness will come along at the same time. Once you have love, even if it is not returned, the world seams to be a better place.

I am no expert on love. My experiences have always amounted to nothing, the small crushes to being completely in love with my best friend.

But this story is not about crushes or small teenage love affairs this is about one love for one man, to whom I am still in love with, and this book is my way of saying three words that I have never spoken to anyone:

I love you.  

This is the start of a love story that I am writing at the moment.

I was writing a ‘Lord of the Rings’ meet ‘Sucker Punch’ meet ‘The Lion that Witch and the Wardrobe’ type book. But after three starts and it not really sounding very good and me not wanting to write I have decided to write a love story instead.

This intro and background is all I am divulging about the book at the moment, I haven’t yet decided even on character names or anything. Though the main character and narator may be called Rebekah after Isaac’s wife who was modest and kind; and that’s the type of person I am going for.

This book is mainly for my own benefit because I want to write something.

Though it is a bit strange me writing a love story as I have no knowledge of the subject in great detail. But I will try anyway!

The book starts with the epigraph “There is no remedy for love but to love more” by Henry David Thoreau.

I decided on this because although she is no expert about love she still believes in love above all things. The book won’t just be about her love for one man but love for many different things.

So the quotation is appropriate because I think the love that Thoreau is talking about it not just romantic love but love in the most general way be it for a man or family or for your best friend.

I believe that the only way to be happy in life it to love everything and everyone so even when love is unkind, love more and life will be better.

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