Thursday, 21 July 2011


When sorting out my book case to organise my summer/ English literature reading pile, pile is the right word it is about twenty-two books long at the moment and still growing. I found two pieces of paper that had questions and answers that I filled out when I was on a camp when I was 14.

These questions made me wonder: I am almost three years older so I have changed my answers that much?

  1. Well my legal name is still the same yet on this blog and my YouTube I am Vicki Éowyn Evans. There is reason to this middle name that I will eventually cover in the near future.
  2. An ice-cream.
  3. My crayon would be blue but now it is more specifically baby blue, or sky blue. This is because every time since I have come back from Slovenia, a year ago, when seeing a sky blue I think of the lake and the beauty of the place.
  4. Grey, well somethings never change.
  5. Last person on the phone… my sister asking her to pick me up from school. Probably not as interesting conversation as I would have had with Lucy.
  6. Eyes are still the same. Someone once said the eyes are the window in to someone else soul; know the eyes and you’ll now the person.
  7. Today I am suffering with a cold but other wise I am like I said fine.
  8. Drink has to be a coke nothing fancy no lemon or anything just straight normal Coca Cola from the bottle. Though I still have a soft stop for the flat white.
  9. Favourite sport will have to go to Formula One despite not being able to drive.
  10. Blond with a hint of ginger.
  11. Blue as that never changes.
  12. Sister and she is 20.
  13. Month has to be August still.
  14. Chocolate all the way.
  15. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. One of my very favourite films last year.
  16. I don’t seam to have a favourite day now; I went over this a few times and couldn’t decide.
  17. With this question I took it as me asking a guy out not a friend out, and I will admit yes I am to shy to ask someone out.
  18. Happy Ending movies, no matter how much I grow up a fairy tale will always be the better story.
  19. Summer.
  20. Chocolate.
  21. The Gallagher Girls books. Books about a kick-ass teenage spy.
  22. I still hate mouse mats.
  23. Star Wars Trivia Pursuit.
  24. Played Portal 2, watched stuff on YouTube and stared to re organise my book case.
  25. Coffee.
  26. Writing, more on this question later.
  27. My mix CD that I made many artists including: Taylor Swift, KT Tunstall, Goldfrapp, Wonderland, Ellie Goulding and Utada Hikaru
  28. Gallifreyan lettering that is green and black.
  29. Coffee still.
  30. Pick it up and make a wish.
  31. Salmon or tuna dependant on how I feel.
  32. Nothing.
  33. Everything and everyone.
What I love about these sort of question answer things is how much you can tell about a person they are from the answers they give, so this was a test to see how much I have changed, personality, hobby and interest wise, in three years.

But what I found out was that although I have changed in so many ways over the past three years almost to the point I don’t really recognise myself sometimes I am still the same person in so many ways.

Even if it is my preference for coffee over tea.

So maybe we all don’t change that much in our lives; we of course change physically or mentally due to the places that we go to. But our fundamental personalities are the same and stay a constant through your life.

It is often said that you are not the person who you were and the past should not control you, but just simply looking at 33 simple questions I realise I need to discover who I was before I find the person who I am or will be.

You need to know where you are and where you have been to move forward.

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