Wednesday, 13 July 2011

To Everyone in My Life - Thank You

Today I became ‘that writer sitting in a coffee shop’.

I wrote about my three certainties of my life yet I failed to mention this one. I will be at one point an aspiring writer with a laptop writing and wondering when or if I would be published. And that day was that day I became that girl (minus the laptop).

But the statement still rings true.

I think I am finally growing up and being the person that I want to be yet I think I wouldn’t be the same person without the people in my life.

I began to think about this because soon people will be going off to university or moving away and in that group of 18 year olds lie two very important people to me; though I think they both don’t know it.

And this lead me to wonder something I have always thought about: what or who would I be like if it wasn’t for certain people. There is one person in particular that this thought often occurred to me when thinking about her.

This is odd in a way because I only really knew her for best part of a year yet I was always inspired by her and at the age of 11 really wanted to be her.

She changed my life because she told me that when she was my age at the time she was juts like me. She was once, like me, shy and a bit of an outsider yet she became the strong, confident woman that I have always looked up to.

It is amazing how one person can change and affect you life in such a big way. When she told me that she was once like me I was comforted by that fact because I knew that one day I would be stronger because of those few awkward and lonely years. Stronger like she was for it.

I will thank her everyday for being such an inspiration in my life.

The people around me have helped me form how I am and I love them for that. Be it good or bad influences I would not be the person or writer I am today if it wasn’t for them.

I’m not fully grown to the person who I will forever be, no one is at 17, but I’m on my way. And I will accept all help given to me by the people in my life to make me a stronger person.

People come in to our lives for a reason not just a random occurrence and because of that fact I accept everyone who I meet in life to be someone who will teach me something about life or about myself.

Thank you to all who are in my life, you have made me who I am and I am grateful for that.

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