Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Generated by rhymezone.com - A Poem

So here I am stuck on Writing
Looking for words there’s no Sighting.
             I am Fighting
   with this poem (a Slighting
remark) in dim Lighting.
     Chewing not Biting
over words. Like a child Kiting
 the words flow free, so Inviting.
But not really Exciting!
But hey, I’ve seen worse Writing.

I wrote this poem last night in about five minutes.
I knew I wanted to write yesterday yet I had nothing to write about. I was listening to Charlie McDonnell’s song ‘Rhymezone.com’ on his album ‘This Is Me’ a song all about the website and how it has helped him with his writing and with that song I decided to try out rhymezone.com and see if it could help me with my writing.

I simply typed in ‘writing’ in to the rhyme search bar and seeing what came up and made my poem by the words that came up.

I wrote down the rhymes and wrote the poem around that and came up with this. It admittedly isn’t the best poem that I have ever written but for something that I did just to be a bit silly I think is sort of good.

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