Monday, 4 July 2011

Three Certain Things

I’ve often said that I don’t know what to do in the future but there are only three things I am certain of:
1.      There will be a time where I am aimlessly walking around the middle of a huge city with a portfolio full of art stuff or a manuscript in my hand.

2.      Doing some form of crazy stunt/protest in honour of Greenpeace or similarly related group.

3.      I will live in another country or go travelling around the world.

These definite aspects of my life I will do even if I don’t want to. These are the subconscious thing that I will do even if I don’t plan them.
Of course there are many things that I will want to do in my life that are not listed like going to the British Grand Prix or go to every continent or have breakfast at Tiffany’s.
As much as you may think these three things are not overly unrelated.
Of course walking around with my life’s work in my hand and nowhere to go isn’t the thing I am really looking forward to but there will be a time in every writer’s life where that will be true.
The whole Greenpeace thing isn’t that certain but anyone who really knows me knows that I will do any random thing if it is honour of saving the environment.
And travelling the world is the most certain. I’ve expressed already how much I want to see the world and wanting to experience everything in the world but is not want it’s a need with me.
The two other things are things that you could say come with my interests and skills but travelling the world is a greater part of me than anything else in my personality. It is because of my constant need to experience everything that I am the way that I am.
And experiencing everything will lead me to help protect the world with Greenpeace because I want people in the future to know the world that I do now.
And it is because of my need to document everything in my life that I will write and try to get published.
I want to document my life story because I am one girl who simply wants to do everything and who knows maybe that will be good to read.
One shy small town girl setting off for everywhere.

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