Wednesday, 10 November 2010

10th November and the my Favourite Days

So as the title suggests this part is about my favourite days or more appropriately my favourite type of days.

And this next statement may come as a shock and will contradict what I have said or written in the past but today was one of those days that I just love.

It’s autumn, snow is on the fells, leaves are still falling, everywhere is just a bit more colourful, the suns out, a few clouds yet it is freezing.

And for those who know me, even just a little bit, would know that I would more rather stay inside on a snow day than make a snow man.

The weather was just right, and me being drugged up on cough medicine, I thought today was the most beautiful it had been for weeks, I just wish I had thought to take a picture of the beautiful scene.

But the picture for today is of water droplets frozen on a car that was slowly being heated up by the sun.

I like to think this as the equivalent of flowers opening to the sun in the morning of spring, so water droplets are my equivalent and though will only be around for an hour they still to me are the most important part of a autumn morning.

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