Monday, 8 November 2010

8th November and the Seasons

Todays main picture:
Autumn Flower.

In life we have different seasons and we are all in a season now, and I don’t mean autumn. But different seasons of your life, we all have them be it a season where we are really sure of ourselves, a season when we doubt, a season full of joy, a season full of sorrow.

For me I am in a season of indecision.

A wise man said that we need to know what season we are in to move forwards and until we understand where we are we can’t move forwards, at all.

He used the example of a Sat Nav (and for those who don’t know how one works) a Sat Nav must know where it is before it can plot a course to its next location. The same can be said for people as we must know where we are before we can move forwards and move on.

The reason why I am writing this is because I may be in a transition period between seasons, indecision has slightly moved on but I don’t know what season is next.

At the moment we have a transition period between yearly seasons, well in my eyes at least, because today on 8th November I saw snow for the first time since winter, and the time in Slovenia in the Julian Alps in July doesn’t count!

The two pictures out of the window of my living room, pause for jealousy because no one has a greater view than me, The one to the right is about a month and a half ago, if my memory serves me correctly, the one to the left was taken this morning and no the picture is not fuzzy or out of focus it was so rainy that was the best picture out of 20, and the whit stuff on the mountians is snow not just cloud.

Just proves the difference of a month and a bit.

So seasons are going trough a transition period and I think I am as well, but my season transition I’m not worried about I’m more worried about if we have snow now what will England be like in a months time?

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