Tuesday, 23 November 2010

21st November and Photoshopped Shell

To some Photoshop is a program used daily and something that should be used as a resource to edit photos and make them better in every way, but to others it is a cheat’s way out of not taking good enough photos and would never be used.

Personally I can see both sides and agree with each point of each.

I love using Photoshop and all the different tools and equipment on it, yes I know it can turn a photo that would be awful to a photo that could win prises and that could be classed as a form of cheating but I still love to use it for my art and personal work.

The two shells here it is very obvious to tell what is photoshopped and what isn’t.

Which is better?
Who knows?
Each of the photos has a quality that makes them as good as each.

As the un edited photo has an elegance about it and has a look as if it was done with water colour with it’s faint wash of colour on it.

The other looks as if done in acrylic with out any paint brush and has a more striking effect on it but is equally pleasing as the other.

So both has different qualities that makes them great, so which better?

Well that’s for you to decide but these last two photo’s of Penrith Castle one has been edited and the other hasn’t and in these cases I can’t tell the difference of either of them.

(By the way they have both been cropped, so both have technically been edited.)

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