Friday, 12 November 2010

11th November and Beauty

Today, or rather yesterday, got me thinking of beauty not so much the beauty of people but the beauty of everywhere we go, see and do.

The idea first came to me as I was getting up in the morning and looked to my bed side table that has an array of things including; a lamp and a clock (obviously), shells form all around the world, a starfish, 3 candles (two lavender and one lily of the valley), pot of fake roses, a coaster, a photo frame with a picture of… can’t remember. And a Tribble (Star Terk, really cute fluffy things that make an even cute purring noise!)

But what I really noticed was the rose in that morning, I bought it for £1.99 form a bargain shop and had it as a substitute for real flowers, like I have in the summer, just to keep flowers and summer all through winter.

The pot of roses had never seamed to me very important or a real feature in my bedroom, well it wouldn’t be a huge feature because the most prominent thing as decoration in my room is a canvas of ballerinas that nearly goes form the top to the bottom of my wall, but I only noticed it’s understated beauty today, yesterday.

How the manufacture made the effort to carefully tint the edges of the roses, they may have not spent so much time and effort on the leaves but nothing’s perfect.

So on that wet and dreary day when my beanie fell off my head twice I had just a bit of beauty in my life!

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