Sunday, 14 November 2010

14th November and Formula One

As some people may know today was the final race in the 2010 racing calendar and today Sebastian Vettel was crowned the 2010 Formula One World Champion the youngest ever champion.

A Scalextric model of a F1 car

I will take this post to go through my love for this sport.

For one it is a sport with very fast, very dangerous racing and to me that is the beast sort, with the cars being the very best of engineering ever.

The cars themselves fascinate me, how every curve, every air vent, every blot is perfectly designed to make the car the best it can be. And a whole army of technicians and highly qualified people just to work on two cars and two drivers.

The drivers themselves being form all around the world, despite a very large chunk all being form Europe mainly Germany, and all brought together over their love of speed and winning.

Each driver has their own personal qualities that I love about them, Lewis, his pure racing talent, Jenson, his technical skills to achieve the very best, Rubens, his passion and his never ending love for the sport, Mark, with his constant determination, Seb, with his young talent making him such a promising driver as he showed today.

I could talk forever about present and past drivers and what makes them special, but what makes the sport so amazing is the way that it can take a sport as simple as driving around a track for two hours and make it in to a world wide loved sport.

From the humidity in Sao Paulo to the night race in Singapore, from disused air runways of Silverstone to the glamorous city of Monaco.

Formula One has embraced the lives of so many people and it will continue to grow as the years go on and it will never die out.

The names of the great men who have become world champion will live on forever and will never fade, names like Prost, Senna, Schumacher, Stewart, Piquet, Mansell, Hill and the new champions of Hamilton, Button and Vettel will live on forever as the worlds greatest drivers.

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